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Summer Plein Air Workshops Taught By Deborah Bayly- July 20

Summer Plein Air Workshops Taught By Deborah Bayly- July 20


Get inspired! Join Deborah Bayly at Lavenlair Farm, the only lavender farm in the Adirondacks for a Plein Air Workshop.

The bucolic, fragrant setting in fields of lavender will inspire all painters - from the Sunday Painter to working contemporary artists - to rendering botanical sketches to completing gestural vivid painted landscapes (in oil and watercolor). Sessions are designed for painters with prior landscape painting experience. Artists will supply their own materials.

Deborah is a Plein Air Artist, Teacher and professional Landscape Painter. She was presented the "Best in Show Award" during the First Juried Plein Air Competition hosted by The Hyde Collection, August 2019.

She has a passion for the intrinsic beauty of the land, and of the past: Farm buildings, rambling old country roads, abandoned farm machinery and decaying barns viewed both inside and out. Her interest is in portraying not only the beauty of our remaining fields and farm lands but also the disappearing landscape of her childhood.

Classes are scheduled.inthe early part of the day to avoid the effect of
the heat on both people and plants - 9:30am - 12:30pm Four Workshop dates: July 19 , July 20 , July 24, July 25

Each workshop is $60


A free-standing portable easel
Sun umbrella or an umbrella that will attach to easel for painting in direct sun.
Folding chair if to be seated
Large brimmed hat, or baseball hat with visor.
Wood, glass or Masterson’s boxed palette. (Rectangular shape at least 12”x16”is good) No round or oval palettes, they limit your mixing area space) Container of odorless solvent: Turpenoid Natural for brush cleaning or Citra -Solve.
Solvent must be stored in a covered, tight fitting glass container, not open & spill-able.

SKETCH BOOK or JOURNAL, 2B pencil, sharpener, vine charcoal, kneaded eraser.

Viva or Bounty Paper Towels
Baby Wipes for removing oil paint from hands
Vinyl gloves (if desired) Painting Apron
Water bottle or thermos
Natural Bug Spray and sun lotion
Plastic bag for trash & clean up.

Brushes: Rosemary & Co. Ivory Synthetic Flats work well, (#4, #6, #8, #10) Also Ivory Rigger Brushes, (#2 or #4). ROBERT SIMMONS Signet Series Filberts, Natural Bristle, (#2,#4, #6,#10). Also, if you can find it, one small, 1 1/2” Benjamin Moore Natural Bristle Housepainter’s Trim Brush, not angled.

Walnut Alkyd Medium Small Bottle

Painting Palette Knives: Small and medium, long point, metal with angled handle.

Oil Paints: Try to buy good Artist’s quality paints (Vasari, Old Holland, Williamsburg, Windsor Newton, etc.) but you can supplement with GEORGIAN DALER ROWNEY.


Titanium White (large tube, 150 ml)
Yellows: Cadmium Yellow Pale, Cadmium Yellow Medium Yellow Ochre Pale

Alizarin Crimson (Permanent)
Magenta ((Permanent)

Earth Tones:
Rembrandt Transparent Red Oxide (or Burnt Sienna) Burnt Umber Raw Umber Ivory Black

Blues: Cerulean, Cobalt, Ultramarine, Prussian or Phthalo Blue
Greens: Yellow Green, Viridian, Windsor Newton Prussian Green, Sap, Terre Verte
Purples: Dioxazine Purple, Old Holland Blue Violet

These are “suggested” colors, you may bring whatever palette you wish to use. Would suggest adding Transparent Orange and Cadmium Yellow Deep if planning on painting the sunflowers when in bloom. ( DickBlick.comsells artist’s oils at a substantial discount.).

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